Blackhome Duke
Blackhome Donnet Lyn X Blackhome Carrie Doll
D.O.B. 4/14/83
Blackhome Duke has become a household name to Percheron breeders.  His influence on the
breed was and is great.  He is hugely responsible for the modernization of the breed and
contributed much in the areas of foot, bone, tightness of joint, and motion.  Duke was the
Premier Sire for 9 years, a record that is still unsurpassed.  In 1986 Duke was the Reserve World
Champion Stallion.  He was also National Champion and his show career was decorated with
numerous championships throughout North America.

Duke is line bred Rolling Acres Leonet.  Both his mother and sire are offspring of this horse and
this is where much of Duke's greatness comes from.  Duke, being a line bred stallion, out crossed
well with American mare lines.  We acquired the biggest and best mares we could find to cross with
Duke.  The result was mares like
Tayler Maid, Queen For A Day, Windermere's Katrina,
Cassandra, etc.  We were fortunate to acquire Duke to take our breeding program to the next
level.  The crossing of Duke with Camille provided us with dominant breeding horses who bred
their extreme qualities on.

Today, nearly every horse on our farm has an occurrence of Blackhome Duke somewhere in its
pedigree.  This has prompted us to choose the occasional out cross stallion to provide us with
alternate bloodlines to take our mares to the next generation.  Be this as it may, our Duke
daughters and granddaughters are still what propels our breeding program forward in this 21st
Blackhome Duke
Blackhome Duke
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