Windermere's Joy
Blackhome Duke X Wagon Works Julie Sue
D.O.B. 5/2/88
Joy is one of best producing brood mares.  Before she was retired from the show ring she
amassed a number of championships and was an All-American.  She spent time in our Champion
hitch of grey mares as well.  She is perhaps one of the most widely known
Blackhome Duke
daughters.  Joy is the damn of
Windermere's Just Incredible.  Just Incredible has become known
for his ability to produce champion hitch and halter horses.  Just Incredible's stamp was front
ends, motion and size all in one package.  The fact that Justin was such a dominant breeding
horses is largely due to Joy's influence.  A big mare herself, Joy has produced size and style
regardless of what stallion she is bred to.  We feel that this is the mark of a great broodmare.  
We are excited about two of her daughters who remain in our herd.  
Windermere's Joy
Windermere's Joy
Windermere's Vincent, by Blackhome Jason
Windermere's Just Incredible, by Justa Classic
Windermere's Jill, by Justa-Classic
Windermere's Justa Dandy, by Justa Classic
Windermere's Bingo Chip, by Windermere's Bingo
Windermere's Bingo Marker, by Windermere's Bingo
Windermere's Glamor Girl, by All-Star's Prince Rocket
Windermere's High Octane, by H.F. Thunder's Supreme
Windermere's Jewel, by Robinlawn's Black Ice
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