Windermere's Just Incredible
Justa-Classic X Windermere's Joy
D.O.B. 3/11/95
Just Incredible is a stallion who was far ahead
of his time.  In fact, he was very
misunderstood by many people during his
show days, causing him to be underutilized
during his time as a sire.  Some of our most
powerful mares and stallions directly descend
from him.  He was such a dominant breeding
horse and produced extreme front ends, free
wheeling motion, and impressive size.  Another
common Justin trait was his ability to put hitch
horse attitudes into his foals.  Four of the six
mares in our hitch are Justin daughters.  This
is a testament to the kind of mares he sired.  
Breeders across the continent are starting to
realize the value of the Justin line and his sons
and daughters have come into high demand.  
We feel that Justin was a complete sire who
was capable of winning in halter and hitch
classes.  He won the open Mens Cart class at
the Michigan Great Lakes International against
27 entries.  Justin was Res. All-American as an
aged stallion and he has produced numerous
All-American offspring.  His sons have gone on
to produce their own All-Americans and his
daughters are proving to be great producing
mares.  In 2002 we gelded Justin and sold him
to John Dryer, owner of the Heintz Hitch.  The
disbanding of the Heintz hitch sent Justin to
Arlington National Cemetery where he is
serving our nation in the formal military funeral
services.  We are very proud of this
Windermere stallion and what he has
Windermere's Just Incredible
Windermere's Just Incredible
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