Windermere King Cong
Blackhome Duke X Camille
D.O.B. 2/3/93
King Cong followed closely in the steps of his sire and dam.  He
continued their legacy of winning championships all throughout
North America.  A Royal Winter Fair Champion as well as a
National Champion and two time All-American, Cong was one of
the premier show horses of the '90's.  Cong's show career can
only be bested by his highly successful career as a sire during
which he sired many champion offspring and Get of Sire groups.  
His Gets continue to win even after his death and his offspring
command a dominating presence in the show ring even today.  
He has sired two National Champion mares, a World Champion
mare, World Champion gelding, a World Champion Get of Sire,
Several National Champion Gets, numerous All Americans and is
the grand-sire to the current Supreme World Champion
Percheron.  This abbreviated list of his offspring's
accomplishments sheds at least some light on why Cong was able
to become the Premier Percheron Sire for two different years.

Cong's strength will be remembered by his ability to produce
quality mares with tremendous knee
and hock action.  His
daughters continue to be some of the most powerful broodmares
in the breed.  Cong was a horse unequaled in balance.  His
powerful shoulder and long flat hip are largely why he was such an
extreme moving horse.  Cong consistently threw flat bone with
clean, tight hocks and a smooth curb.  His heel was among the
widest you will find and he carried his front end with the best.  At
the height of his breeding career Cong serviced 225 mares.  The
full extent of his contribution to the breed may very well still be
unknown but one thing is for sure, Windermere King Cong will go
down as a renowned sire who had the ability to accelerate
breeding programs across the continent.   
Windermere King Cong
Windermere King Cong
Windermere King Cong
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