Marissa Laet
McGee X Monette Laet
D.O.B. 4/14/83
Marissa Laet was bred by the Bast Family of WI.  This is another mare we acquired to breed to
Blackhome Duke.  She doubled as a great hitch mare.  She has been a National Champion cart mare
and won the Mare Team Class at the National with
Camille several different times.  She produced well
when bred to both Duke and
Cong.  Her influence on our program can still be seen as she is the great
grandmother of
Windermere's Black Velvet and the great-great grandmother of our stallion
Windermere's North American Maid.  Marissa was a big mare and she had foals that followed that
trend.  She has produced such notable offspring as Dreamtime's Silverado, a renowned stallion owned
for many years by the late Dorn Wise of Pulaski, TN.  Silverado was utilized in our breeding program
and the result of this use was stallions like Windermere's Bingo and mares like Windermere's
Cashmere who produced Black Velvet,
Wincredible and Eliminator.   Several other of Marissa's offspring
of note are Windermere's King Arthur, a Duke son who was All-American yearling in 1994.  
Windermere's Black Out was a multi-champion and twice All-American during his show career.  Black
Out's full brother, Windermere's Goliath was also a many time Champion, winning the Royal Winter Fair
in Toronto and earned a Reserve All-American title.  Her first breeding to
Windermere King Cong
produced Windermere's Xena who was an Honorable Mention All-American.  Marissa also produced a full
brother to Xena, Windermere's Gladiator who was first Honorable Mention All-American as well.  
Marissa's ability to produce large modern foals has kept her influence on the Percheron breed at the
forefront for many years.     
Marissa Laet
Marissa Laet
Mari's Finola Laet, by Blackhome Congress Lyn
Dreamtime's Silverado, by Blackhome Grandeur Lyn
A & H Maverick's Montana, by Maverick
Windermere's King Arthur, by Blackhome Duke
Windermere's Black Out, by Blackhome Duke
Windermere's Goliath, by Blackhome Duke
Windermere's Xena, by Windermere King Cong
Windermere's Gladiator, by Windermere King Cong
Windermere's Mallory, by Windermere's Just Incredible
Windermere's Jet, by Ironwood Beauregard
Breezy Knoll Marla Laet, by Windermere King Cong
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