Blue Ribbon Farms Prince
M.G.'s Prince X Bittersweet Cheri Dragano
D.O.B. 6/2/02
Prince has been one of the most decorated show
horses in recent years.  A two time All-American,
he has been Res. National Champion Stallion,
National Sr. Champion, champion stallion at
MGLI, among many other wins.  He capped off his
impressive show career at the 2006 World
Percheron Congress where he was named World
Champion Stallion.  You may go far before you
find a stallion who trots higher than he does.  We
think history will show Prince to be not only one of
the most successful show horses to ever hit the
tanbark but also prove him to be one of the most
dominant breeding sons of the late M.G.'s Prince.  
Prince has been doing a tremendous job when
crossed on both our own mares and our
customers'.  The crossing of McGee and
Blackhome Duke lines has been a time tested
formula for success.  Prince has crossed
extremely well on both our
Cong and Just
Incredible mares,  He consistently puts close
hocks, front ends, quality and size into his foals,
all things we demand from our stallions here at
Windermere Farms.  Just as consistent is his
ability to produce smart and trainable foals that
have the desire to drive.  Prince is a good choice
for those breeders who wish to add some style
and motion to their mares.      
Blue Ribbon Farms Prince
Blue Ribbon Farms Prince
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Windward Graffix
Mill Creek Valley's Camaro, a Prince colt out
of a Just Incredible X Windermere's
Cassandra daughter.
Prince winning World Champion Stallion Honors at the
2006 World Percheron Congress, Lexington, VA.
A Prince filly out of Windermere's
Cassandra, pictured at one week old..
Windermere's Royal Highness, a Prince
mare out of Windermere's Cassandra.
Platte Valley's Nicodemus, a Prince colt who
was a 2009 res. All American.
Ken Siems Photo
Windward Graffix Photo
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