Windermere's Tayler Maid
Blackhome Duke X M's Bobbie McGee
D.O.B. 4/12/93
Tayler Maid is one of our favorite mares.  Quite possibly the most correct Blackhome Duke
daughter, Tayler made her mark on the Percheron industry as one of the elite show horses of her
day.  She spent time in every position of our champion grey mare hitch and was the kind of mare
you could always count on.  Tayler was one of the most intelligent horses we have ever owned.  
She was easily trained and had all the desire and drive you could ask for.  In 1995, when she was
two she was Jr. World Champion at the World Percheron Congress in Kansas City.  Tayler has
been All-American and she retired the traveling trophy at the Keystone International when she was
named Supreme Champion over all breeds and genders.  Taylor was the kind of consistent mare
we breed for here at Windermere.  After giving us several daughters, including
Custom Maid who has been a successful broodmare for us, Taylor produced Windermere's North
American Maid in May of 2006.  North American Maid's barn name is Moose and we consider this
fantastic stallion to be among the best stallions we have ever bred.  He has his mother's
temperament and carries himself in the same stately way as she.  He also received her flat,
chiseled bone and hocks and large hoof heads.  Although we lost Tayler, we believe her legacy of
greatness will live on through her son, daughter, and granddaughters still on our farm.    
Windermere's Tayler Maid
Windermere's Tayler Maid
Windermere's Tayler Maid
Windermere's Custom Maid, by Windermere's Just Incredible
Windermere's American Woman, by Ryanday Jimmy
Windermere's Maid in the Shade, by Ryanday Jimmy
Windermere's Rocket Maid, by All-Star's Prince Rocket
Windermere's North American Maid, by Windermere's Eliminator
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