Briar Hill Trademark
Chevron X Rolling Hills Shania
D.O.B. 2/22/06
Trademark was named the 2008 & 2009
All-American Stallion
as well as the 2009
National Champion Stallion.
 We acquired
Trademark during the 2008 breeding season and
used him during his two year old year to cover some
of our very best mares.  This stallion continues to
mature and impress us as time goes by.  We are
very impressed with his ability to produce big athletic
foals with consistency.  We believe him to be one of
the best moving stallions you will find in the breed.  
His athleticism comes in part from the good mare
lines behind him.  His mother, Rolling Hills Shania,
sold at the Dover sale for $17,000 and was the
highest selling horse ever at that sale for many
years.  Trademark started his show career in 2008 at
the World Percheron Congress where he was second
in the two year old class and Reserve Jr. Ch.
Stallion.  His other notable wins throughout the 2008
show season were at Ohio State Fair where he was
1st, New York State Fair where he won Jr. and Gr. Ch.
and the Keystone International where he was also Jr.
and Gr. Champion.  We added this horse to our
breeding program due to the fact that he possesses
such natural athleticism and a beautiful, long neck.  
He offers this without sacrificing anything in the
areas of quality of bone or foot.  Trademark proves
to be especially valuable to those breeders with
Blackhome Duke, Highview Dragano or McGee bred
mares, as he has no occurrence of any of these
stallions in his pedigree. We feel you will be
impressed with the Trademark colts on our farm and
our customers' farms.  We welcome your inspection
of them.
Windermere's Design, our first Trademark
filly, out of Windermere's Joy.  Pictured at 3
A Trademark colt out of Blooming Grove
Grenetta, bred by Megan Winkler.
Hoof and Paw Photo
Colonial Manor Charasmatic, a Trademark
filly out of a Windermere's Wincredible/King
Cong mare.
Windermere's Marki Maid, a home bred
Trademark filly out of a Just Incredible X
Windermere's Taylor Maid daughter.
Windward Graffix Photo
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