Blooming Grove Volunteer
Dreamtime's Silverado X Oakstone Gretchen
D.O.B. 3/20/98
Volunteer is a son of the late Dreamtime's Silverado.  His dam, Oakstone's Gretchen is by Chief Colonel.  
Gretchen descends from the mare Ricinus Floss who was one of the sweetest hocked mares ever.  Her clean
limbs were passed on to her offspring and have continued down to Volunteer.  He has the same cleanness of
hock and his overall quality is commendable.  He is a two time Res. All American Stallion and he is still clean
and sound enough to win shows today at ten years of age.  Volunteer's length of neck undoubtedly comes
from his sires side, however, he inherits his quality from both the top and bottom of his pedigree.  We are
excited about several Volunteer foals we are expecting from some of our great Just Incredible daughters like
Windermere's Charisma.
Blooming Grove Volunteer
Blooming Grove Volunteer
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