This section of our website is dedicated to the horses who still influence our breeding program today.  Some have
since passed, others continue to be dominant breeding stock, but all of them have earned a spot in the history of
our farm and the history of the breed.
To get started...

1.  You can browse our history in a more chronological order by clicking the 'mares' or 'stallions' buttons below.
(This is more of an overview of our breeding operation.)
Mares        Stallions

2.  If you have a specific horse you would like to see pictures or information on you can browse our alphabetical list by
clicking here.
(This is a more informative in depth view in our breeding program and the horses who have helped shape it.)

3.  We have been a prominent winner in the All-American contest since it began in the late '80's.  
To view all the horses we have bred, owned, or campaigned to the top three on the All-American list
click here.
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