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    Ohio State Fair Results

  • Reserve Grand Champion Stallion- 2 year old, Windermere's Coba

  • 1st place yearling stallion, Windermere's Crow

  • 2nd place yearling stallion, Cedar Dream Trademark's Rascal

  • 1st place weanling filly, Windermere's Jasmine

    Indiana State Fair Results

  • Bentley- Reserve Senior Champion Stallion

  • Windermere's Coba- Reserve Grand Champion Stallion

  • Cedar Dream Trademark's Rascal- Reserve Jr Champion

  • Windermere's Jasmine- 1st

    Iowa State Fair Results

  • Cedar Dream Trademark's Rascal- Jr Champion Stallion

  • Windermere's Crow- 2nd

  • Windermere's Coba- 2nd

  • Bentley- Reserve Grand Champion Stallion

  • Windermere's Jasmine- 1st

  • Windermere's Ozzie- Reserve Jr Champion Mare

  • Stallion and Three Mares- 1st

7.K.I.L.E/ Wednesday Oct 4 - Saturday Oct 7. Belgians and Percherons

8. M.G.L.I/ Thursday Oct 12 - Sunday Oct 15. Belgians and Percherons
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