Windermere Lady's Lucy
South Valley Prince Ha Ha X Dixie's Showtime Lady
D.O.B. 3/4/91
Lucy led our grey hitch through the 1990's.  She was a big modern mare who exhibited
tremendous motion and was truly ahead of her time.  Although she had hitch horse written all
over her and she loved to drive, she was a great halter mare as well and earned an All-American
title.  She could trot high no matter what speed she was at and she could without a doubt hold her
own with the best hitch horses of today.  She gave us several good offspring who went on to be
successful breeding horses for their owners.  Windermere's Crusader, was one of her sons who
was known for his great motion.  Her daughter, Windermere's Duke's Exclamation was the 2001
Res. All-American Mature Mare.  Many people ask us about Lucy at the shows and through email
so we thought we would share some photos with you.
Windermere's Lady's Lucy
Windermere's Lady's Lucy
Windermere's Duke's Exclamation, by Blackhome Duke
Windermere's Lucky, by Blackhome Jason
Windermere's Lucky Diamond, by M.G.'s Black Diamond
Windermere's Crusader, by Windermere's Just Incredible
Windermere's Lady Cheyenne, by Windermere's Just Incredible
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