Windermere Farms was established in the 1960's by Abraham Allebach.  We had many successful halter horses
since the farm's conception.  Although she was not our first Percheron mare, the history on this page begins with
Camille as she was the beginning of the breeding program we still carry on today.
Camille, a South Valley Prince Ha Ha daughter, off the
mare Midnight Contessa by South Valley Did-It.  Camille
represents what is possible when correct out cross and line
breeding practices are utilize.  Her sire is a double
grandson of Justamere Showtime and her maternal grand
sire is a son of Showtime.  When Showtime breeding was
introduced into the American breeding programs the
results were big modern mares, like Camille, who were
rarities of their time.  When we bred Camille to
Blackhome Duke, an out cross to her, we had much
success in producing some of the most competitive show
horses of the '90's.
Marissa Laet, a daughter of the famous McGee, a horse known
for his ability to produce size and front ends.  She is out of the
mare Monette Laet, a Maverick daughter.  Maverick was a four
time National Champion.  Marissa was a mare we acquired from
the Bast Family of Hartford, WI to use in our grey hitch and
breed to Duke.  She was paired with Camille and the team won
the National Champion Team of Mares several years in a row.
A daughter of Camille and Blackhome Duke, Cassandra
was one of the horses who helped us propel Duke to
premier sire for 9 consecutive years.  A four time
All-American, Cassandra was every bit as successful as
her famous parents.  She is a full sister to Windermere's
Katrina, who was never shown but is one of our best
producers, All-American stallion Windermere King Cong,
and All American Windermere's Limited Edition.
Windermere's Joy, another All-American
daughter of Blackhome Duke.  Joy was a big
mare we used in our six horse hitch and she has
proven to be even more valuable as a
broodmare.  She has produced several
outstanding foals, including Windermere's Just
Incredible, who is the sire of many of our current
hitch mares and All-American halter horses.
Windermere's Tayler Maid, a 1993 Blackhome Duke
daughter.  She was used in all positions of our hitch
and was a fantastic halter mare winning 1995 Jr. World
Champion and an All-American title in her career.  
Standing 18.2 hh, she was huge even by today's
standards.  She has produced several good foals and
we currently have a daughter in our herd and are
standing her son, Windermere's North American Maid,
at stud.
MG's Bobbie McGee, a full sister to Marissa Laet.  
She is the dam of All-Americans Windermere's
Tayler Maid and Windermere's Intruder.
Windermere's Charisma, a daughter of Camille and
Just incredible foaled in 2001.  She has been in our
hitch since she was a three year old and has won
many cart classes.  Charisma is an example of the
big mares we keep around here.  She stands 18.2
and can move like a lead mare.
Sundown Farms Morning Belle, a Cong daughter
foaled in 2001.  She has won many halter classes
for us and is a regular on the All-American list.  
She stands over 18 hh and has been used with
Charisma in the well of our hitch.  She had a stud
colt from Windermere's Incredible Edition who we
have retained for future breeding purposes.
One of the most successful halter mares to ever hit the
ring, Wapsi View Fantasy helped put her sire,
Windermere King Cong, in the Premier Sire spot for two
years.  She is an example of quality in motion and is a
big mare standing 18.1 hh.  She has produced some of
the best horses we have ever raised.  Fantasy was
All-American in 2003.
Windermere's Deidra, a two time All-American daughter of
Wapsi View Fantasy.  She has been in our hitch since her
three year old year when she helped lead it to a National
Championship.  Her biggest accomplishments in the halter
ring include winning two consecutive National
Championships and a Supreme World Champion title in
Windermere's Camilla, an embryo transfer out of
Camille by Windermere's Eliminator.  Camilla is the
last foal from Camille.  She has the size of her
sister Charisma and the same kind of front end and
drive.  We look forward to driving her in the future
and are excited about her successful first year of
showing in the halter classes.
Windermere's Isabella is a big, 18.2 hh
daughter of Just Incredible out of the
Camille daughter Windermere's Katrina.  
Isabella has been used in the swing and
the wheel of our hitch and she drives with
Windermere's Charisma, her 3/4 as shown
in the picture to the right.
Forest Grove Amy's Areba, our lead mare deluxe.  
We purchased her for the purpose of breeding her
to King Cong.  She soon showed us her great
athletic ability and the drive that it would take to
make a lead mare.  She has earned a spot in our
hitch and continues to win cart championships at
the National Percheron Show, MGLI and other
prestigious draft horse exhibitions across the
Windermere's Desire, another Justin daughter out
of Windermere's Katrina whom we have used in
our hitch.  Desire has proven to us that she has
the heart and drive of a lead mare and in 2007
we moved her from the swing to the lead
alongside her teammate Forest Grove Amy's
Areba.  She has helped us qualify for the Classic
Series Six Horse Hitch Finals for several years in a
Windermere's Victoria, a daughter of MG's Black Diamond
and Windermere's Katrina.  She has also spent time in the
lead of our mare six and was All American Aged mare in
Windermere's Perfect Maid, a King Cong daughter
from Windermere's Custom Maid.  This
granddaughter of Tayler Maid is exciting to us in
that she has several generations of Windermere
breeding behind her.  We are looking forward to
crossing her with some of our All-American stallions
in the future.
A full sister to Perfect Maid, Windermere's Rosie has a
close resemblance to her sister.  In 2007 she was the
Res. All-American filly foal and she had another good
show year as a yearling.
More to come...

Our history is in the making and our story is an ongoing one.  

We will have more pictures to add to this page as our fantastic young
stock develop and make names for themselves as their mothers and
grandmothers before them have done.

Please check back often.

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Windermere's Black Velvet, another Just Incredible
daughter who has been a constant in our hitch.  She
is full sister to Windermere's Wincredible and
Windermere's Eliminator.  She was All-American as a
foal and continues to be a show winner at halter.  
She was part of our National Champion Mare Six.  
Velvet is a big mare standing 18.2 hh and has
produced some good foals off of Blue Ribbon Farms
Prince and Windermere King Cong.
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