Windermere Farms has become well known for producing powerful, dominant breeding stallions who pass on their
extreme traits with consistency.  Included on this page are some of those individuals who helped give us that
reputation.  Our success in the stallion service market is largely due to Blackhome Duke who was a pioneer in the
shipping of draft horse semen.
Blackhome Duke, a line bred Rolling Acres Leonet stallion
by Blackhome Donnet Lyn and out of Blackhome Carrie
Doll.  Duke is largely responsible for the modernization of
the Percheron breed in the areas of foot, size and
motion.  Duke out crossed well with the common American
mare lines of his time and was the Premier Sire for nine
consecutive years.  This award is calculated by the
winnings of a stallions offspring and entries in the Get of
Sire classes at the most major shows on the continent.  
We owe much of our current success to Duke's influence
on our herd.
Windsong's Gambler and multi All-American and
multi-National Champion son of Blackhome
Duke.  We acquired Gambler and campaigned
him across the United States and Canada.  He
was a great show horse and stood at stud for
many years after we sold him to North Carolina.
We consider Windermere King Cong to be the best
Blackhome Duke son ever.  He produced with the same
consistency as his sire and was able to put added size into
his foals.  Cong is a two time All-American and a National
Champion.  He is the sire and grand sire of some of the
best mares we have ever bred.  We lost Cong on August 27,
2006 but his legacy lives on through his powerful sons and
daughters and his influence can be seen in countless
breeding programs across the country.
Windermere's Black Out, another successful
son of Blackhome Duke.  Black Out was an
All-American stallion and his son
Windermere's Trademark was a Reserve
Windermere's Incredible Edition, by Windermere's
Just Incredible out of a full sister to King Cong,
Windermere's Katrina.  Ed is a full brother to
Windermere's Desire, 2005 Res. All American mare.  
Ed is a big stallion who we used on some select
mares.  He consistently produced big modern foals.  
Ed was recently sold but we have retained a son and
several daughters in our herd.
One of the most influential stallions in our program,
Windermere's Just Incredible gave us many hitch and
halter champions.  He is sired by Justa-Classic and out
of our All-American Blackhome Duke daughter,
Windermere's Joy.  Justin was a Reserve All-American
stallion and also a cart champion.  At 18.3 hh he was
an impressive horse and showed the versatility of our
breeding program.  We demand our horses be able to
hitch and halter successfully and Justin is a perfect
example of this.  He produced stallions and mares with
size and modernness like no other stallion before him.
Windermere's Wincredible, a Res. All-American son
of Just Incredible out of the Camille daughter
Windermere's Cashmere.  Wincredible is a great
footed horse who has shown the ability to throw size
and beautiful front ends on his foals.  We have sold
Wincredible but we have retained a son out of
Windermere's Katrina for future breeding purposes.
Windermere's Eliminator, a full brother to
Windermere's Wincredible.  Eliminator was Jr.
World and National Champion in 2004.  He has
also been All-American and Reserve All-American
in his show career.  Eliminator is a big modern
stallion and before selling him we bred him to
some of our best mares.  Windermere's North
American Maid (Moose) and we are excited about
using this Eliminator son on mares this year.
One of the three living World Champions on our
farm, Blue Ribbon Farms Prince is a two time
All-American.  He is a great moving horse and is
putting size and quality into his foals.  His
offspring inherit his spectacular motion and we
are excited about how he has crossed on our
Duke and Cong daughters.  Prince is available for
shipped chilled semen or on farm breeding.
Windermere's Inferno is out of a full sister
to King Cong, Windermere's Cassandra.  
His mother is one of our best front ended
mares and Inferno has acquired this trait
as well.  He is a big stallion standing nearly
18.2 hh.  He was Res. All-American as a
yearling and was recently crowned the World
Champion Stallion in 2008.  We will be
offering Inferno to a limited number of
mares in 2009.
Walkerbrae Jake's Yukon is a stallion we acquired
after the death of Windermere King Cong.  Yukon
has been successful in the show ring and in 2007
he was the 1st Honorable Mention All-American
Aged Stallion.  Standing 18+ hh, Yukon is a great
moving horse by anyone's standards and we have
been very pleased with Yukon's production
record.  He continues to give us quality foals and
puts extreme size into his offspring.  We are
excited about using him on some of our hitch
mares to continue our tradition of producing
horses with size, motion and quality.  Yukon will
be available for breeding via shipped chilled
semen or on farm breeding.
We acquired Volunteer during the 2008 breeding
season.  He carries some of the best feet and
legs or any stallion in the breed.  He is a good
moving stallion and has an abundance of breed
character.  We have covered some of our good
Just Incredible daughters with him and anxiously
await their arrival.
Briar Hill Trademark is another stallion we acquired
during the 2008 breeding season.  He is an out cross
to our herd of mares and therefore very valuable to our
program.  He has no Blackhome Duke, Highview
Dragano or McGee breeding behind him.  It is very rare
to find a horse with the absence of those stallions and
still manage to have quality, motion and correctness.  
Trademark is just that horse and we are excited about
using him on our band of brood mares.  Trademark
had an excellent show season winning several
championships.  He is an excellent moving horse, front
and back and has a front end to match his motion.  He
is available via shipped chilled semen or on farm
Windermere's North American Maid (Moose) marks
the future of our breeding program at Windermere
Farms.  A massive stallion Moose stands 18.2 hh as
a coming three year old.  Moose is out of
Windermere's Tayler Maid and by Windermere's
Eliminator.  He is bred for the size and quality he
possesses.  As the pictures show he is an great
mover and we are excited about what this young
stallion has to offer the breed.  He has generations
of powerful Windermere mare lines behind him to
make him the kind of stallion who will influence the
breed in profound ways.  He is available to outside
mares via shipped semen or on farm breeding.
More to come...

Our history is in the making and our story is an ongoing one.  

We will have more pictures to add to this page as our fantastic
young stock develop and make names for themselves as their
sires and grand sires before them have done.

Please check back often.

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